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Alyette Keldie & GXPros: On a Mission to Empower the "Group Exercise Professional"

Alyette Keldie

On a Mission to Empower the "Group Exercise Professional"

-interview by PLYOGA COO Thomas Ascough

We are absolutely thrilled to be talking to Alyette Keldie and delivering this interview to our fitness community.  Alyette grew up in the Group Exercise environment, as her mother taught classes, and she has turned that into her calling.  Over the past 20+ years Alyette has been an instructor, manager and master trainer in the industry.  As the President of the Association of Group Exercise Professionals, Alyette hopes to unite and “Raise the Dumbbell” on professionalism within the GX industry. 

PFit: Alyette!  You have been involved in fitness in many ways leading up to this moment.  Tell us some of your favorite fitness experiences that have led you to where you are now!

AK: Being an Area GX Manager for 24 Hour Fitness (Miami to Manhattan) taught me so much.  I had an amazing boss and mentor.  Working in the NY market I saw so much talent.  Now most recently being a National Trainer for SilverSneakers and President of GXPros, I am able to connect with the industry from a different perspective.  There is now less chasing the business need, and more of developing talent, connecting, and uniting the GX industry.

PFit: Your big project right now is GXPros.  Tell us about GXPros and why it is so special to you?

AK: Having auditioned thousands of instructors, visited hundreds of GX programs across the country and after many conversations with GX Instructors, Managers, Directors and Executive friends, the common theme was that there are many areas of opportunity for the GX industry to synergize and leverage its inherent value as a viral lead generator and ultimate retention tool for the facilities that our tireless instructors serve.  Thus, the Association of Group Exercise Professionals (GXPros) was born!

PFit: What is your favorite feature that GXPros offers to the Professional who joins?

AK: Our GX Directory!  It is like the Who’s Who of the GX Industry.  Members are able to personalize their listing with photos, videos, social media links, their schedule, formats taught, certifications they hold and they may even receive recommendations.  We are getting great feedback from GX Managers that are looking for talent, as they are able to search the directory by zip code and format.  It is a very convenient way to find the specific talent you are looking for.

PFit: What is the philosophy you follow daily that creates an impact for how you run your business?

AK: I like to take the approach of, “what is in it for the other person?”  Everything is a partnership… it all should be win-win or it just won’t work long term.

PFit: I have been hearing a lot of excitement from people about GXPros.  I am curious.  As people really get behind this empowerment movement with you and give you that platform to grow, what makes you the most excited to offer the people?

AK: We are a place of support for your career specific to Group Exercise.  Many instructors have no idea of all the opportunities available to them… from becoming an “in demand” instructor to management, presenting, even business ownership.  Our goal is to unite the industry and not only help GXPros to achieve the career of their dreams, but make these professionals available to the business leaders who are in search of their expertise!

PFit: Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?

AK: Hard to say… I’ve really just lived life on my terms and seized opportunities as they have arisen.  I can see a lot of value in planning to be “_____” when you grow up… but I also see a lot of value in going where the wind blows your kite.  Just keeping the bigger picture (5, 10, 15 years from now) in mind, is key also.

PFit: I think it takes a person who is generally inspired in order to live that way.  What makes you personally happy each day? What is the main thing you do to keep a positive outlook in general?

AK: Honestly, exercise is my saving grace.  Somedays it’s walking, maybe a hot yoga class or teaching a sculpt, kickbox, or Pilates class of my own.  Bodies in motion stay in motion… not to mention those endorphins!!!

PFit:  As an industry entrepreneur, I always like to ask, what is your favorite way to start the day?  Is it a class, an experience?

AK: A sunrise walk on the beach and coffee for sure!

PFit:  That’s right!  Warm walks on the Florida Beaches... LUCKY YOU!  We all want to be you in the winter.  What is the one thing you never leave your Florida house without, besides your cell phone?

AK: A ponytail holder… because you just never know when you might want to have a spontaneous workout!  I’m serious!!!

PFit: What is your favorite thing to spend money on, besides ponytail holders?

AK: Travel and experiences!

PFit:  Smart!  Do you have kids? Tell us about them. How have they inspired you in what you do?

AK: Calyx is my darling 8-month-old girl.  I am inspired by her daily to be a small example of the woman I know she will become.

PFit: Calyx!  Beautiful name.  Any quotes you live by?

AK: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

PFit:  I guess that goes back to creating value for others like GXPros!  In that realm of giving, have you discovered any indulgent recipes that are pretty good for you, that people could benefit from knowing?

AK: My friend told me how she mixes up almond flour, coco powder, water, stevia and coconut oil in a mug and then zaps it in the microwave.  I just love this quick fix for something chocolatey, vegan and sweet!

PFit:  Sounds fun!  As simple as Protein Balls it seems.  
Ok!  Fun Time! You have a time machine, and you can go anywhere in the past or the future and return without implications to life as it is.  Where would you go and why?

AK: I really live in the present, so this one is tough for me… but I’d say a class with Richard Simmons and/or Jane Fonda would be killer!

PFit:  WOW!  Awesome idea.  It is not too late to chase them down!  Alyette… it has been awesome having this conversation and learning more about you and GXPros.  We are ecstatic to be part of the mission with you and offer the GXPros community a chance to win a PLYOGA Certification Scholarship. 


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Speedball Steve: A Man Who Thinks with His Balls.

With 17 years of industry experience, Steve Feinberg is well known for the implementation of group fitness/wellness programs across premier facilities, universities, community associations, and residential/corporate fitness centers. He is also highly regarded as a group exercise instructor for a variety of classes – ranging from formats based on martial arts and strength/conditioning to trending modalities such as ViPR and Kettlebells.
Steve created the Speedball class format and developed the Instructor training program. Although an expert in general exercise choreography and class structure, Steve specializes in martial arts and boxing. He has worked with top-ranked professional fighters, elite amateur athletes, International fitness presenters, the average Joe and Jane, and youth travel soccer teams.
Steve is a trusted source for fitness expertise, regularly appearing in a variety of local, national, and international media. His specialties include boxing, martial arts, cycling, para-natal fitness, preventative strength and conditioning, and functional athletic movement. Steve has also studied Eskrima, Butterfly Hands, Choi Lei Faht and Lama Pi Kung Fu, Yang-style Michuan Tai Chi Chuan, Capoeira.

Speedball Steve: A Man Who Thinks with His Balls. 

interview by PLYOGA COO Thomas Ascough

It is awesome to have gotten the chance to catch up with Steve Feinberg and get some great fitness and SpeedBall perspective from him.  Steve is a smart guy, and knows fitness like the back of his hand (or better), but the reason I thought to pick his brain is because of how effortlessly "FUN" he is.  Steve is one of my 5 year old daughter's favorite people, and the only man I know who does not get slapped when offering people a chance to interact with his balls.  
PFIT: We want to know more about SpeedBALL Fitness! What makes it SPECIAL? With all of the fitness education you have, why did you think the world needed you to create it? 
STEVE: Speedball, the method, was created to be the perfect marriage of basic exercise science and the love of the group fitness experience. I call it "EnterTrainment".  The objective: utilize intelligently and elegantly designed sequences of movement whose composition is that of a martial movement flow (based on my Kung Fu background), with exercise selection governed by science that brings the FUN into FUNCtional training for all apparently healthy bodies! 

PFIT: What are the major benefits of SpeedBALL? 
STEVE: This is what really gets me excited about Speedball. 
Improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance and enhanced dynamic mobility (which leads to better Range of Motion (ROM)). 
Improved kinesthetic awareness/increased Quantity of Motion (QOM)(leads to better proprioception and CNS performance due to the combination of the 3D/multi-vectoral movement complexity that revisits some development stages of motor learning and the plyometric reactivity and tactile stimulation of the proprietary SpeedBALL). 
Anxiety/stress reduction and mood enhancement (flow state of play that tends to induce theta waves and good vibes).
Neuro-regeneration (new neural pathways and regrown grey matter a response to both the complexity of the sequence and the rhythmic, non-stop steady state formatting), 
An anti-inflammatory effect on the whole fascial system (a function of training whole integrated chains of movement vs. isolation of muscles, a focus on long ROM, and the aerobic/atheltic QOM mix, as we all know the best way to feel "good" is low-to-moderate intensity aerobic exercise to increase circulation, clear lactate, and reduce DOMS).
Better shoulder joint stability/mobility balance and core activation during movement.
Basically better WELL-BEING, mental and physical.

PFIT: Tell us about you and why this particular movement was in your field of vision.  
STEVE: My long-term study of the Chinese Martial arts flowed seamlessly into my professional interest in bio-mechanics and kinematics. 
I was past the point in which I could return to a full formal collegiate pursuit, as I already had a taste for the service of delivering movement (and I assure you, NO ONE GENRE of movement enforces the nuances of form and function more than the ancient martial arts), so it's been nearly two decades of learning from greats, seminars, workshops, unofficial internships, newsletters, credible blogs by top coaches, and lots of experience. 
As a competitor in boxing I came to understand the demands of sport-specific conditioning, along with continued studies and inclusion in amateur and professional boxing camps.  At the same time, I became hooked on the euphoria of delivering group exercise experiences to elated members who could forget about their problems and leave feeling better than when they arrived, the first natural crossover vehicle being cardio kickboxing.  
Combining the programming aspects of my personal training education, my affinity for and musical flow of group fitness, and the multi-directional sequencing and repetition of martial arts forms (some styles refer to as Katas, if this is a more familiar term) was a culmination of all the best things my career development had to offer. The first iteration was based on my work with top 10-ranked heavyweight boxer Jameel "Big Time" McCline, and then it transitioned over 13 years into the fully replicable, science-backed movement education system for professionals and workout series for consumers today.  
I didn't do this alone:  I've had collaboration and education from my Kinesiological advisor Dr. Julia Keefer (MS/PHD), early developments from former partner and mentoree Michelle Ho, development assistance from Marcelo Ehrhardt (recognized top instructor, former regional Equinox supervisor and current director of Lake Shore Sport and Fitness), who inspired the birth by request of the group fitness format, my former European brand partners and master instructors at the International Fitness and Aerobics Academy, and especially my education co-developer and current COO, Lauren Colenso-Semple.

PFIT: What are the steps to join the SpeedBALL team and get certified as a trainer?   
STEVE: Simple.  Scenarios are:
1) Register for one of the instructor education days (schedule available @, receive online study tools, learn method, pass test, get CE's for major organizations, spend an entire day with me or a master instructor refining and perfecting teaching tools and method, send in practical video analysis, and start teaching classes or training clients with tons of online refresher content! 
2). Register for the online instructor education (available @, receive online study tools, learn method completely at your OWN PACE, pass test, get CE's for major organizations all without leaving your family, additional Travel & Expense costs, or loss of income, send in practical video analysis, and start teaching classes or training clients with tons of online refresher content!
3) Have me come to your facility with 8 friends ready to learn more about functional loaded movement training, and repeat all of the above!  Anyone who chooses to do step 2 after reading this may use code PRO20 as a gift from PLYOGA for 20% off of their ball order and/or online training.

PFIT: What are your favorite products in SpeedBALL or your industry in general that you feel have the most benefit for people to know about? 
STEVE: Obviously the proprietary SpeedBALL is first and foremost. The small breakthrough in technology has great benefits, and can be used for a great variety of formats more efficiently than the current tools, replacing unweighted small balls in barre, Pilates magic circles, lightly reactive balls for youth and adult athletic training (eye-hand coordination and improved tactile response/reflexes), general safe tool for school kids play and sports, power endurance impact training, and of course Speedball Fitness:-).  Other favorites include:

   The Core Flyte, invented and represented by friends Paul Nicholas and Jeremy Greenberg, the Omni-directional took which I've had the pleasure of being involved with on the generalized home workout protocols and love the breakthrough in technology for trainers and classes. Check out Core Flyte
   The Staby, an invention by the co-developer and manufacturing partner of the SpeedBALL, Andrea Burkhardt. The protocols for physical therapy and personal training are amazing, and I would personally love to use it for a segment of group fitness. Check out the Staby
   I personally barely go a DAY in my work life without utilizing my Quad Bands, represented by Juan-Carlos Santana. Metabolic band conditioning and teamwork/timing or very serious loading for an individual has never been so easy or effective. A favorite tool of mine for the better part of a decade, they are 4 bands (hence the name) connected by a steel ring, portable and provide enough resistance for adaptations. Check em out!
   Primal 7 is the top suspension tool for me right now. It allows for partially supported body weight during all different ring-based exercises. The gravity and impact on joints can be reduced to nearly zero, creating infinite possibility. 
     Primal 7 Website

PFIT: What is SpeedBALL Steve’s FAVORITE way to start the day?
STEVE: The only way for me: a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar, a series of serums/potions/pills with water, and a shower:-)

PFIT: What is your favorite thing to spend money on?  
STEVE: Food!  Travel is next. Then, of course, my business of helping others through fitness. Anything to improve the resources and offerings I can share with others.

PFIT: What is the one thing you never leave your house without (besides your cell phone)? 
STEVE: My sense of humor

PFIT: Have you discovered any indulgent recipes that are pretty good for you, that people could benefit from knowing? 
STEVE: Black truffle salt on almost anything. Trust the DJ.

PFIT: What is the main thing you make sure to do to keep a positive outlook in general? 
STEVE:Clear my email box to the best of my ability, get sweaty and play, laugh, sing (both functions of my work, lucky me), be with my family if geographically possible, and make other people happy. Main things. Not sexy, but it works for me!

PFIT: It is amazing how good an empty email box feels! Do you have a favorite book/movie/band/song that stays in your head and motivates you regularly?  
STEVE: All of the above!
My favorite books are Interview with a Vampire and The Hobbit.
As far as movies, I love The Breakfast Club, Star Wars, and The Matrix.  
My go to bands are Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin.  Songs that motivate me at will (laugh if you like) are Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz and Superstar by Big Time Rush. 

Stories and songs full of morality, humanity, healthy doses of fantasy AND reality, happy harmonies, dissident chords, conflict resolution, standing up and excelling, knowing and believing in oneself fully, and standing up for what's right to the Nth degree. 
"If life is a stage, we all get to CHOOSE our roles to play."

PFIT: Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up? 
STEVE: OF COURSE NOT!  Who thinks about being a gym teacher or fitness Instructor when they were little (30-40 years ago)?  I wanted to be a paleontologist, followed by a psychologist.

PFIT: Well you are kind of a psychologist at least!  Your company is fun and unique.  What is in the future for SpeedBALL Fitness? 
STEVE: Reaching as many people around the world as possible and increasing quality of life and longevity for the general population.  Next immediate step: PE programming and equipment for public school kids, right around the corner!

PFIT: We love to work with kids too.  That should be fun with the SpeedBall!
What personal beliefs keep you focused and believing in your drive forward? Any quotes to live by?  
STEVE: My personal belief is that life is full of constant information, and the job imposed on each of us is to filter according to an equation we develop for ourselves, made up of a combination of logic/reason, feelings, and belief systems/intuition.  The key is to absorb what's useful, apply what you can, and throw out the rest.   
Quote to live by:
"Just because it's hard work doesn't mean it has to be miserable" --SpeedballSteve. 

PFIT: Bonus Round: Imagination time! You have magic powers and you can transform into any one animal. Which one do you choose to become? Why?  
STEVE: With the caveat that I can return to my original form, something that breathes water AND air. I'm ultimately intrigued by the amphibious experience!

PFIT: If you could travel through time.. where would Speedball Steve go? 
STEVE: NOWHERE without a guaranteed return to my current life and no ripple effects… and… I am truly happy with who, where, and what I am, so honestly my imagination doesn't place me anywhere else!

PFit: Well Steve! If my 5 year old daughter Savannah had her way, you would live with us... but in the meantime, we'll have to settle for some great insight from a terrific guy who has decades more to offer our industry. Thank you so much for taking the time to give people a look into your head for a few minutes!    

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An Interview with "A Man with a Digital Plan" (For Streaming Your Business). Keith Mitchell from Cinevee

Keith Mitchell currently serves as a Partner Development Manager and digital distribution specialist for Cinevee.  His experience in Hollywood spans over 20 years both as a screenwriter and producer. Upon the heels of the Writer's Guild Strike of 2008, Mitchell ventured into the digital distribution landscape finally landing with Cinevee.

Interview by PLYOGA COO Thomas Ascough

An Interview with "A Man with a Digital Plan"

PFit: We want to know more about Cinevee, a platform that is quietly revolutionizing the way people share online content! What makes it SPECIAL? Why did you think the world needed it?
KM: Content creators now can take out control over the distribution of their own content.   The days of DVD sales are coming to an end in the near future.  Consumers want their content in palm of their hand and with Cinevee our clients can offer their content immediately on all devices. 

PFit: What are the major benefits of Cinevee? 
KM: With Cinevee content creators are partnering with people and not just nameless, faceless platforms.  We take a hands on approach in assisting our clients in delivering their content digitally.  We  Provide creators with a unique platform to enhance social media and marketing strategies and increase consumer reach and engagement.

PFit: Tell us about you and why this particular movement was in your field of vision.
KM: As a film distribution executive I discovered that independent film was fraught with problems.  First of all, distributors make all the money and take away control of the creators.    I have always said the riches are in the niches and in the near future you will find thousands of creators each running their own Channels in a cost effective manner.  At Cinevee we are going to be at forefront of this revolution.

PFit: What is Keith's Favorite way to start the day?
KM: Cup of coffee and visit with my wife and kids before school.

PFit: What makes you personally happy each day? What is the main thing you make sure to do to keep a positive outlook in general? 
KM: I pray each day.  As a man of faith it’s difficult to place any expectations on a fallen world, thus I am seldom disappointed in what the world throws my way.

PFit: Do you have a favorite book/movie/band/song that stays in your head and motivates you regularly?
KM: I listen to Podcasts all day.  Anything from Seth Godin to Dan Patrick, Marc Maron and Nerdist.   These shows entertain while educate me.

PFit: Who do you follow daily that creates an impact for you and your business?
KM: I follow what our competitors are doing.    I read Real Screen, Videolink and numerous other trade websites.   There are few taste-makers in the digital distribution ecosystem that I track on LinkedIn like Jason Brubaker and Eric Stein.

PFit: What are the steps to become part of the Cinevee community as a professional?
KM: Our process is simple.  Just send an email via our website or call us.  We will have a member of our on-boarding team walk you through the process.

PFit: What are your favorite products in your industry in general that you feel have the most benefit for people to know about?
KM: Other than just having the ability to have your own Netflix type storefront on your website, I think the next most exciting product we have is called Festivee, this is a platform for festivals to digitally extend their festival experience.  (  We are also developing a camera system for sports complexes that allows the facility to video tape each game and automatically upload to the facility digital storefront.  The facility can then and sell them to the parents.   We are calling this VeeVision and we hope to launch by end year.

PFit: Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?
KM: I had a job for almost 20 years as a screenwriter and that scratched that itch.  I was very blessed to be able to make a living putting words on paper.  But ultimately that got old and I didn’t enjoy it.  The reality of it is that it drives me nuts when people tell kids to try find a job doing something they love and they will never work a day in your life and you will always be happy.  That is hogwash because ultimately you end up hating that as well.  It’s called work and that’s why they have to pay you to do it.   The point is don’t base you happiness or identity on what you do for a living.

PFit: Your company is unique and helpful.  What is in the future for Cinevee?
KM: With the ever growing technology explosion upon us I think we are positioned to be very impactful and make a difference in digital distribution.

PFit: What personal beliefs keep you focused and believing in your drive forward? Any quotes to live by?
KM: Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

PFit: What are your near-term personal growth goals right now?
KM: 1000 Cinevee clients by the end of 2018 is a big goal.

PFit: Do you have focused goals or aspirations for the future?
KM: I don’t spend much time dreaming about the future in as much as living in the present and enjoying the moments of life that seem to go by faster and faster as I get older.  Like John Lennon said, life happens when you are busy making plans.  I dream of happiness for kids future though.

PFit: What is the one thing you never leave your house without (besides your cell phone)?
KM: A good attitude.

PFit: Love that good attitude answer!  Sign of a quick thinker!
Have you discovered any indulgent recipes that are pretty good for you, that people could benefit from knowing?
KM: Bacon wrapped Olives.   Yummy!

PFit: Not a bacon guy, but I know I am the minority.  Sounds fun!  
I have my traditional Bonus Round:  Imagination time!
You have magic powers and you can transform into any one animal. Which one do you choose to become? Why?
KM: Lion.  I think the reason why is obvious.

PFit: If you could travel through time.. where would Keith go?
KM: The day I met my wife in 1991.  The best day of my life.  I wouldn’t mind reliving that day.

PFit: Keith!  You really seem like the kind of guy people should want as a friend, and who better to do business with.  We feel that it has been amazingly helpful working with you and Cinevee.  It gave us a template style, turn key way to go digital and streaming.  The convenience and sharing effect of your revenue model made it so PLYOGA could take a massive step without the side-effect of the major investment that comes along with other similar services.  I'm glad we chose Cinevee and I am glad we got to talk today!  Thanks for your time!

Check out to learn more
Contact Keith Mitchell with your interest to use Cinevee for your digital streaming needs:

Check Out PLYOGA's Workout Series on Cinevee.  
You can rent or buy one or all workouts at the link below

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An Interview with A Wellness Guru & The First Man of Fitness. Bruce Mylrea

An Interview with a Wellness Guru 
& The First Man of Fitness. Bruce Mylrea

Interview by PLYOGA Fitness COO Thomas Ascough

Bruce Mylrea is a person who defines the human dynamic.  He is married to Mindy Mylrea, who can easily lay claim to pioneering parts of fitness as we know it.  He is a dad, an entrepreneur, and a former Silicon Valley executive turned "Man on a Mission."  I think what I like about him so much is that he one of the lucky ones who looked his own demise square in the face (cancer), find solutions, and get to understand the fragility and "Now-ness" of life.  I was lucky enough to get to talk to Bruce about what this new life looks like, as he is literally working to save the lives of others with his business, One Day To Wellness. 

PFit: Your family can be rendered fitness royalty, making a serious stamp on the industry.  We want to know about your latest incarnation One Day to Wellness! What makes it SPECIAL?  Why should everyone be a part of it? 
Bruce: Mindy is fitness royalty, I just carry her crown around!  Mindy and I created One Day to Wellness because we saw a real need to provide unbiased scientific based solutions to trainers and individuals who understand the need to improve their lifestyle behaviors, particularly nutrition.

PFit: What are the major benefits of spending this day with your organization? 
Bruce: You will leave the day with a completely new perspective on wellness, behavioral change strategies and the TRUTH about nutrition.

PFit: There is a lot of grey area today in the way people are sharing this diet and that magical exercise. Tell us about you and why “One Day to Wellness” was in your field of vision as a must in this era!
Bruce: I don’t think there is grey area. We now have enough accumulative scientific data to know what is the optimum strategy for fitness, nutrition, and wellness in order to live longer, healthier lives. The only gray area is when product placement gets involved. WE ARE ALL IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN HEALTH!

PFit: Your professional goals are defined by who you are. What is your favorite way to start the day? 
Bruce: Mindy and I are only home a few days during the year. Every morning when we are home, she brings me coffee and breakfast in bed (I’m in bed right now writing this!)

PFit: What makes you personally happy each day? What is the main thing you do to keep a positive outlook in general? 
Bruce: Dealing with my continuous battle with cancer has given me great empathy for people who are struggling with their health and personal issues. I know life is short, and I don’t take any moments for granted. Having the opportunity to help others avoid chronic diseases of lifestyle (like mine) has given me the most satisfaction I have ever experienced in my personal or professional life.

PFit: Various books, movies, or songs carry a message that stays in ones head and motivates people?  Anything like this for you?
 Bruce: "Stayin Alive" by The BeeGees!

PFit: Who do you follow daily that creates an impact for how you run your business?
Bruce: First off, I’m so fortunate to be married to Mindy. She continues to be my inspiration for making an impact in other peoples lives. There are also so many thought leaders in the field of nutrition that are the real force behind Mindy’s and my message of wellness. Having said that, I would say Dr. Michael Greger and his website has been a wonderful, giving resource for us and many others. He has dedicated his professional life to providing concise, easy to understand interpretation of nutritional studies without any industry influence. Join his website, it’s free!

PFit: What are the prevailing steps to join the One Day To Wellness Team? get certified as a trainer? Is there any preparation leading up to certification that you suggest?  What changes are coming to that process?  
Bruce: The steps are easy! Log on to, click on “one day to wellness” tab and find cert near you and sign up. We provide a great discount for couples as the odds of implementing behavioral change is much higher with a team.

No preparation is required, just come with an open and curious mind. Wellness is the future of fitness!

PFit: What are your favorite products in the industry that you feel have the most benefit for people to know about?
Bruce: Well, I am biased here, but………Gliding discs (Mindy holds the patent) – simple and effective – I still use them every day.

PFit: What is your favorite thing to spend money on?
Bruce: Easy – nutritious, health promoting food (spend more money on food!) and…….surfboards.

PFit: What is the one thing you never leave your house without (besides your cell phone)?
Bruce: Usually, it’s my wife. We do everything together. It’s crazy.

PFit: Have you discovered any indulgent recipes that are pretty good for you, that people could benefit from knowing? 
Bruce: Tons and they are all on video for free at under the “recipe” tab. CLICK HERE

PFit: Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up? 
Bruce: No. Growing up, I wanted to be a professional surfer, but that was not an option back in my early days. I did not find my true career passion of nutrition until just 5 years ago.

PFit: You are married to MINDY MYLREA, so when you guys say something, people listen.  What’s next for the education of the industry in wellness and fitness?
Bruce: It’s become very clear through empirical scientific evidence that plant based nutrition is primary and most important path to long term health and avoiding all the chronic diseases that are killing us Americans before our time. Educating people on strategies of behavior change to implement healthier nutrition is THE future of our industry.

PFit: Tell us about your children. How have they inspired you in what you do? 
Bruce: 3 wonderful boys:
Drew is 30, lives in LA and travels the world as a film director and advertising producer.
Chris, 29, also lives in LA and travels the world as a set / stage designer and art director.
Casey, 25 is living his dream as a scuba diver instructor on the south shore of Oahu.
We are incredibly proud of each of them.

PFit: What personal beliefs keep you focused and believing in your drive forward? Any quotes to live by? 
Bruce: Empathy and love are the true traits of a great person.

PFit: What is your dream or motivation for why you do things? 
Bruce: Hearing from people who have either attended one our lectures our ODTW cert about how we have changed their lives for the better is the best motivator on the planet. We want to be on the forefront of the mindfulness, plant based nutrition movement.

PFit: I like to throw in a fun end to this. Imagination time!
If you could transform and become any animal in the world for a day, what would you be and why?
Bruce: I would be a whale.

PFit: You have a time machine, and you can anywhere in the past.  Where would Bruce Mylrea go and why?
Bruce: I would go back to age 5 and change my entire diet. I wish my parents had known what we know now about the connection between diet and disease.

PFit: Well Bruce, when I grow up, I want to be like you!  We appreciate your wisdom and taking the time to talk with me.  We hope everyone on our team will go to One Day To Wellness.  My family has adopted a whole food, plant based lifestyle since hearing your testimony at ODTW, and we have never felt stronger and better.  You have our endorsement for sure.

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