Tuesday, December 29, 2015

REAL SOLUTIONS FOR 2016 (Seriously)

How To Conquer 2016

You know what is interesting?  There is a always a common theme to a New Year's Resolution!  That theme is that you are finally going to do something for you this year and hit that milestone, conquer that goal, make that exception.  Reality though is that humans are beings that in large part have a need to be part of community.  We have a want to give, to love, to be gracious.  Maybe the key to your resolution is to do it for someone else:

  • . EAT HEALTHIER (lose weight) - If it has failed you the last 5 years, everyone says "You can do it this year" and "you deserve it."  You are so busy being a mom or dad though that you get lost in the shuffle.  Do it for your kids!  How much do you love them?  How bad do you want to see them get married?  See their kids get married?  That body has to endure to make it to the grandchild's wedding.  Let your love for them fuel you!  You are also a healthier example when you are at your ideal weight.
  • GET A BETTER CAREER: Everyone is someone else's inspiration.  If you fear a switch in your job, that personal insecurity will get in the way of that more successful you.  What can't stop you?  Turn to that person that you inspire and allow that to propel you.  Maybe it is a child again, because single people without kids usually move jobs with fervor.  People usually use their kids as an excuse not to make moves, but what example of courage and vertical movement are you making by being scared.  You are great!  Show the world!
  • GET REGULAR EXERCISE: Start a club for other people in your shoes.  Go to gyms or classes together.  Maybe create your own fitness charity group that hosts different trainers in your city and raises money for something you hold dear at every event you do.  Now, you getting YOUR exercise becomes something that others depend on.  If you don't get exercise, your favorite charity loses some funding.
  • BE MORE POSITIVE: Look everyday for inspirational quotes and post them on social media.  Start a blog where you highlight great things in the world.  People will start to take notice.  You will start to help other people who depend on your positivity to light their morning.  NOW, out of habit, excitement, giving, and community, you remain the voice of optimism who needs to set that example when people turn to you!
  • TAKE THAT VACATION:  Ok, so you can't find the time to give yourself the escape you deserve... THEN make it about being a better friend or sibling.  Your brother in Arizona misses you.  He would love it if you came down.  Go bring him happiness.  Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and everything else will just be icing on the cake. 

The truth is that most of us feel too consumed with life and the needs of others around us, and we forego the focus on our own lives.  Make it about those around you then!  Afterall, it is in giving that we receive.  

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