Wednesday, April 1, 2015

10 Things I Became Certain of on Vacation

10 Things I Became Certain of on Vacation

1. The World Goes on Without Me (and You). 

This is actually something that should reassure you.  You are not that important, but you are powerful and can change the world.  You live in a town, inside a state or province, inside a country, which is a small part of earth, which is a smaller planet in a solar system, in the universe.  Your neighborhood feels big?… the ocean is 75% of the world.  Don’t be afraid of the goals you want to conquer.  They are not that intimidating either if you see them the same way you should see yourself.
2. Do What You Love

You always hear people say, “if you do what you love, success will follow.”  It sounds like the creed for rich people, sort of like “Money is not everything.”  Poor people never say things like this.  People with money are the only ones who say it?  Keep in mind that most millionaires in America were not given their money by ancestors (it’s a fact).  They had a journey to riches and success.  Do what you love!
3. Time Flies

When I was standing in my kitchen before the trip, I said “we will be standing here again before we know it.”  That week was a flash in the pan.  This year will be like that too.  You just said, “I can’t believe it is 2015.”  We are now ¼ through 2015.  Don’t put off your dreams.  You will be too old to conquer them before you know it.

4. Excuses Are About as Valid as an Expired Coupon

Unless you are at Bed Bath & Beyond, Excuses are not going to get you anywhere.  If you have a vision, do it. 

5. The Way You Power Your Body Will Affect Your Life

We went to an all-inclusive and decided to take advantage of that.  Drinking regularly, eating sugary foods, or excessive amounts of carbohydrates will sap your ability to be great.  I spent the day the following Tuesday actually “coming down” from my physical imbalance like a drug addict.  If you eat this way regularly, and stop cold turkey, you will have symptoms like this.  Wean yourself off.      

6. Exercise will Change Your Life

I recognized, but did not think about how, if I failed to work out in the morning, it affected my mood and my ability to think like a champion.  I got exercise only during half of my vacation.  You will never be as good as your best self without exercise.  That’s also a proven fact amongst Fortune 100 CEO’s. 

7. Resolve Is Not Taught, It Is Learned.

You can only persevere by overcoming obstacles and knowing you can do it.  There are a lot of people harboring a whole lot of “quit” out there.  Don’t be afraid of the word “no.”  Your “YES” is somewhere.  You’ll never truly understand until you are pushed to that limit and have to decide to get stronger or go home. 

8. Failure Is Insanity

Popular Professional Culture defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and getting different results.  If you are doing something wrongly, and you are not willing to evolve, you are insane and you will fail.  Technology has never made it easier to find the answers from those who are doing it better.  Learn every day.

9. Ultimate Success Is a Secret

Most incredibly successful people will only give you one secret to success only after they found their next one.  How do you stay on that level without it being handed to you?  Don’t believe the Facebook life.  Successful people post pictures of them and their family on mountain tops and beaches, but they don’t post pictures of themselves burning the midnight oil to nurture their needs.  Work harder for your dream like they do.

10. Development Is Patient

Whatever it is you consider successful; making money, being well known, being happy, being bilingual, being fit, being healthy.  It is a patient and committed process.  There are no quick fixes.  Instantaneous success is likely as rare as winning the lottery.  Take your time to greatness.