Monday, November 10, 2014

The Journey of Success (The Common Denominators in Good Business, Health, and Lifestyle)

In a world where television, news cycles, and social media rule the world, one who is not completely dialed in may feel as though they stand no chance of keeping up and being relevant in the connections between where they are and where they want to be.  The irony in all of this is that it is exactly the opposite.  These things are all just distractions from the focus that needs to be had to be a successful person with goals related to health, happiness, or professional gain.  In fact, they are all tied together.

Despite what you may be told by a medical commercial, a marketing expert, a group centered in nutrition, or your manager, (who are pushing quick fixes) people who achieve success in any personal arena all have two common thing: Discipline and an Open Mind.
Go and speak to any small business owner.  No matter the industry or the sector, if they are selling something, they will declare to you that it is getting tougher every year to make money.  They fall back on common stories from other people in their industry through tradeshows and conventions and find solace in the idea that there is nothing to be done and they are on this sinking ship together.  The idea of being par for the course is their comfort. 

I don’t know about you, but most people I speak with are not pumped up to be average.  The successful small business owners today are on a long term adventure, working harder and smiling more, and creating bigger incentive to give their base a recognizable reason to be part of what they are doing.  They are creating community within their business and allowing people to feel like an intricate part of their thread.  However you shake it, successful people are constantly finding new ways to get better, diversify, and recognize that sometimes the long way has the greatest reward.

You can go into that last paragraph and change the words “Customer” or “people” or “base” or “community” into the word “body,” and change the word “business” into “self,” and that’s what people who are healthy and happy are doing.  It’s a long road at times to feel stronger physically or mentally, but it is a sustained and worthwhile journey.

It is so much easier to be rude or to be unhealthy just like it is so much easier to be an average business person.  When you are in a hurry to go eat your burger and French fries, it is so much easier to not hold the door for someone, or not smile at someone, or not ask someone how they are doing.  It is so much easier to take it personally when a person in the airport bumps into you by mistake.  It is so much easier to be like everybody else and just blend in.  Be the success in your own life.  Work harder to educate yourself on nutrition because healthy people have all around advantages in life.  Realize that you only have one body.  Practice the art of being optimistic.  Realize that life is short and that you might not get tomorrow.  Think more critically about the power you possess personally and turn your ambitions, goals, and passions into your realistic quality of life.  It will all eventually become a habit and mediocrity will find itself on the endangered species list.  You are not too old, too slow, too big, too poor, too shy, or too new.  
You ARE worth your journey but you better keep moving! 

Be disciplined and keep an open mind.