Monday, February 15, 2016



You cannot get past the first chapter in motivational literature or a list of inspiring social media quotes without seeing suggestions to “be grateful” and “live in the moment.”  These two ingredients in the recipe to success are so mundane at this point that they slip through our consciousness like a Geico commercial featuring that lizard.  Does anyone really know that it is about car insurance anymore?  Same tenant here, but these two roadmaps to your goals have a deeper underlying truth that it so much more than what is on the surface.  “Being Grateful” and “Living in the Moment” are like glaciers.  You only see the tip of them but they extend so deep.

Building a healthy body, growing a successful business, nurturing a great relationship, or mastering anything worth learning takes time.  These long journeys are a series of small steps and micro-gestures that all add up to something prodigious, IF you can keep focus on that which paved the way.


The present is the ONLY thing you own in life.  Think about it.  You cannot undo the past in any way.  You can only take on a series of new events in your present that will allow you to change your future.  What stands in the way of you grabbing the present and making it amazing?  Fear and faith are the opposite of one another.  Fear is what holds most people back because they are not sure whether their actions in their present can paint that vision that they have for their future.  They need faith.

Faith is easy for some people.  There are people who put everything in their God’s hands.  They say “I am going to do it, and if it is the will of God, I will succeed.”  This faith allows them to see road bumps and failures along the way as a test from God from which they must overcome to get better.  They may never get discouraged because they feel like they are on a heavenly journey, but they also run the risk of never elevating because they often wait for the bigger picture to come to them rather than going out and finding those outliers who illuminate the path.
The challenge is for people who do not think in terms of God to have faith in their journey.  The world can be a lonely place when you do not have a higher power charting your course in your mind, but the compass for you and others is being grateful


Here is why being grateful is like a glacier where the heart of it extends very deep.  It is incredibly important for you to be grateful forever in order to have continued faith in your goals and an ability to live in the moment.  They go hand in hand.  Why? 

So many people on every kind of journey are looking for the end result, while foregoing the minor details that created the stepping stones to the top.  People are so enchanted with excitement at the very moment that something amazing happens (major business accomplishment, big weight loss week, an introduction to someone who can change your life, a visit to a place where you learned valuable lessons).  That amazing thing propels you and gives you the motive to go to the next level, but while you are venturing on the next level, you forget that monumental factor that elevated you unless you are eternally grateful.  If you do not see how far you have come and show gratitude for the process, you lose the motivation to take it all the way. 

-Someone gave you advice that saved you thousands of dollars and kept you off of a trail of mistakes.
-Someone showed you their favorite fitness routine that has helped you lose half of the weight.
-Someone believed in you enough to tell you to go for it when you were full of doubt.
-Someone introduced you to another individual who brought you to the next level in your journey

It is so important to remember the elevating tenure that every individual has had on your journey.  Never forget someone’s contribution to your ultimate goals.  

You are not better than somewhere.  It is all of the places that you have been that take you to another place.  Learn and be grateful for the lessons.    No store, system, gym, job, or environment is beneath you.  They have been places that have taught you lessons until it was time to move on.

You could not have gone bigger or better without learning how to compete or conquer on that lower level. 

This could be anything.  So many people forget how they once had an obstacle that was long ago conquered by something they found.  After time passes and this obstacle becomes so foreign, they tend to pay less merit to the product or materials that got them out of the rut.  They will often undermine this product or idea or fitness supplementation program because they forget what it is like to be ineffective, incongruent, or lethargic.    

Gratefulness and understanding toward what helped you on the journey makes the road ahead easier to process and plan for.

There are so many layers to “Living in the Moment” and “Being Grateful” but one major factor escapes so many people because it is too difficult to grasp.  This major factor is the true reason to practice these principles but it is not as transparent and often too daunting for someone to process when beginning a journey.  When you cherish every experience and you are thankful for everything that plays a role around you, it makes it easier to process that “the world does not revolve around you.”  It seems so obvious and altruistic, but while most people think they embrace this, it takes a lot of practice for it to click.  When it does click, individuals realize that they are the product of everything in their environment, rather than the center of the universe.

This is when true success manifests, because the process is so cyclical.  Everything that made you what you are has brought you to this point.  The only thing you own is the presentYou are grateful for every step along the way.  Now that you fully understand that your life is a product of everything in your environment, you have more control.  Why?  You now understand that it is YOUR CHOICE to surround yourself with positivity or negativity, and that will ultimately dictate how far you go in your journey to be better than yesterday.  Positive places, things, and people will empower your mission. 

-written by Thomas Ascough

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