Sunday, November 1, 2015

Do You Keep Striking Out With Fitness? Try This!

Do You Keep Striking Out With Fitness?
Check out these simple tips towards big change!

Conquering fitness and wellness physically is contingent upon mental commitments and seeing yourself through your journey. Just like a business or a career, you don't become the CEO overnight, so why is it that people view health this way?

It is a journey of education. It involves ups and downs, victories, sacrifice, and almost always a reason. 

The largest hurdle in the health journey is that you believe wrongly that you no longer can enjoy the foods that you love, and that starts you with an already discouraged approached.  Often times you will consult a fitness professional or a dietician for advice in this department and they are so passionately against certain avenues of caloric intake that they forget how simple it is to show you similar and healthier alternatives to what you feel you need in food to be happy.

Take for example that you express your weekly love for McDonald's burgers and fries to a true clean eating fitness coach or enthusiast.  They might laugh and tell you to give that crap up.  
The true balance though is to buy lean organic ground beef, make your own patties without bleached flours or low quality bread crumbs (try wheat germ).  Thin cut an organic potato, spray with coconut oil, season with spices, and bake them on high.  You'll probably like this better!

The point is that most of us are only a few planning tweaks away from a healthier us.  Its not that difficult.  Planning though is highly mental and requires making that effort and changing your idea of what is achievable and what you have time for. 
Here are a few ways to start you on a path to using your organization and your mind to cater to your goals:

1. Come to terms with the fact that if you are unhappy with your place physically or professionally in the world, it is your decisions that put you there and that you can decide to change (with the very small percentage of people with genetic medical ailments being the exception).  It is really not other people causing your problems or a matter of having time.  You have the choice to not let others affect you, cook for you, employ you, live around you.  You have the choice to prioritize your time.  The busiest CEOs get exercise.

2. Start with a plan. Find the things you love to do and enjoy eating and research one thing per week that can upgrade the quality of that meal. Example: lean home cooked burger on Ezekiel roll rather than the alternative. Example 2: buying the ketchup without high fructose corn syrup (there is no taste difference).  In 52 weeks (1 year), you will have found nearly every healthier alternative to what you love without sacrificing most tastes or flavors.  The extra money on better quality will also save you more than that cost in normal medical bills guaranteed (because your food is what is making you feel sick all of the time.)

3. Commit to stop feeling sorry for yourself. It is hard at first, but you are truly just the victim of the limitations you put on yourself by allowing others to control aspects of your life. How to practice this: never again complain on social media or to friendsYou don't have the right to vent, even though you think you do. Misery loves company so venting is actually attracting more negativity and you are actually hurting yourself and inviting more problems. Send out positivity.  (if you Find this difficult, find a page on Facebook following the journey of pediatric cancer patients or something and look at those beautiful smiling little kids and allow yourself to see that your problems are not that big of a deal).

4. Commit in a public way to your goals and share your milestones, goals, and research with others.  If you make your journey public and you become the inspiration to others, you will be accountable to and value your mission and not quit.

5. Realize that anything worth doing takes work.  Although many others paint pictures of ease in fitness, entrepreneurialism, love, and being magnetic, their journey to the top has not been easy.  There will be hurdles and there will be failures.  View these obstacles as an educational experience to get better, rather than a sign that it is not worth it. 

Your mind is power!


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