Saturday, April 5, 2014


Talent is the beginning of greatness.  Talent is the recognition of an ability that, when nourished, can be grown into something truly special.  It’s weird because most people do not come recognized for their talent as adults unless they are a professional athlete or a fantastic musician.       
Boys and girls who can do something much better than their peers are often labeled “talented.”  Most adults have jobs and responsibilities while children have talent and enthusiasm.  There is often a correlation between a passion for life and those who are in touch with their talents. 
You may often hear people every now and then who say, “I love my job and work does not feel like work.”  Most of us do not say that because we do not even know what we would “love” to do for work, let alone how to go after that goal once we figured it out.  It is all too overwhelming to ponder.  Not only that, but deep inside, these people annoy the hell out of you because you wonder why your life couldn’t be filled with work you love to do. 
Allow this to be simplified.  Most people in the world have a sense of selfishness about being personally successful, but most people also do not realize that what they can contribute to the world is important.  It is sort of an oxymoron because you need to make the most of life but you do not connect with what life wants for you. 
Kids are not the only people with talent.  Whatever it is that you do well when you are young, you can make a passion of as an adult.  If you like to make things, it is not too far-fetched to be a builder of something.  If you are an excellent football player, it may be a pipe-dream to make the NFL for most people, but training athletes to go beyond where you were able to go is always a possibility. 
Maybe you like to draw, and only an isolated amount of artists can actually make a living out of selling their art.  Well what else is something that inspires you?  There are businesses that need logo design every day.  If you have a knack for drawing and could understand branding, or clothing, or interior design etc., you could make a happy life of it.
People have a way of labeling their life direction as “my calling,” but then never listen for their calling.  People ignore the signs, or their talents, or their passions, and they give their reasons/excuses authority over their future.  It is never too late to find a way to start listening to what life wants you to do.  Our fitness system has a motto, “YOUR BODY IS POWER.”  Well folks, your brain is part of your body and happens to be where everything begins.  PLUG IN!  “YOUR MIND IS POWER” and it is time to follow your dreams.  Life is only going to allow you taxes and death.  You are going to have to TAKE everything else!  How can you start to “TAKE” everything life has in store for you?  Find a way to “GIVE” everything you can of yourself to what you love!