Monday, May 11, 2015

Let What You Love Make You Healthier!

The hot weather is moving in and many people are now beginning to dread the idea of a bathing suit.  It begs to ask the question why the majority of people only feel they need to take care of themselves for part of the year.  I won’t ask it though because it is not something people are cognitive of in their lives.

Reality is that a fitness journey or a healthy lifestyle is intimidating to people.  They think of the complications and the time and the commitment it takes and whether or not they can prevail with their new goals.  In a previous blog, we defied the status quo suggestion that being fit is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  We demanded the “breakthrough” that the healthy life you want is 90% Decision, 8% Nutrition, and 2% Exercise.  We went on to prove why this is the case but left the roadmap to that “Decision” to chance.
Through the help of PLYOGA team member Amanda Farina, we came up with one magnificent way to own the “Decision.”  This is what Amanda wrote the other day on social media about her relationship with Track & Field that indirectly lit a flame for us to share regarding the solution:

Do I love track because I'm good at it, or am I good at it because I love it? A question I've had to ask myself a few times this past year. Today was my last college meet and the answer stands that its true love for the sport that will get you through no matter what injuries or time off you've endured. I am so lucky to have been through struggles in my life because it all led me to track. The things track has done for me can never be understood by anyone, it helped me find myself when I was lost and always gave me something to strive for and love unconditionally. It always challenged me and gave me something to nurture constantly. No matter what was happening in my life I knew the track would always be there for me to come back to. So many hours of sweating during the summer long runs, so many speed workouts against the wind in 20 degree weather, even some tears, never once was it not worth it all. I'll never forget the pure feeling of happiness and accomplishment after being done with hard workouts with my teammates, from high school and college. All the injuries, frustration, and disappointing performances I've had over the years, they were all worth it, every second of them. All those times I thought of quitting and giving up, I knew in my heart I never would. I could never give up something I truly love so much and has made me who I am today. All the struggling was worth this feeling of unconditional love for something so simple. Never give up on something you love so much that you can't imagine your life without it.

What we learned is that a journey for someone who is trying to conquer their health can be challenging and discouraging.  That person feels like they are in an uphill battle and that they cannot accomplish what they want to accomplish.  Their crutch becomes the food (or the drugs, or the enabling, or the self-image) that made them vulnerable in the first place. 
Amanda’s post expressed emotion and showed a vulnerable side that required rescue at times.  What did she fall back on during times of need or uncertainty?  Track & Field.



Find something healthy you love and let that be your security blanket.  Maybe it’s PLYOGA, maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s a nutrition bar that just rocks, or taking walks on the beach, or hikes in the woods, or swimming.  The number 1 step in creating and beginning your journey is to find something you love that is GOOD FOR YOU to fall back on when times get tough!