Sunday, January 17, 2016



10. Declutter In Every Way
The easiest way to start this step is the physical element.  Once you let go of things from your house, (old belongings, clothes, old shoes, pictures in closets, old paperwork and more) you start to feel more mentally and financially free and ready to tackle goals.  You cannot set goals that you cannot envision.  Declutter! 

9. Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission
Waiting for other people's approval in order for you to move forward in life is wasteful.  Live within the law, but understand that no one person or place in life cares as urgently about your goals as you do.  Your passion can only be amplified if it is seen.  Don't wait for people to empower you.  

8. Speak Less, Listen More
Most people think they need to be very vocal and instrumental until they hit that point in their journey where they actually realize they have so much to learn (and that applying your solution requires understanding how it is needed by others).  That epiphany is the point when you will really start to feel successful (whether it's weight loss, business, relationships, or more).  You become a sponge of knowledge around you.  When you don't "know it all," life is so much easier.

7. Study Those Who Came Before
There are always people who have done something similar to which you are embarking.  Have you ever heard the expression, "Work Smarter, Not Harder?"  This is a simple concept.  Implement the amazing things your Goal Ancestors have laid out, and add your mark by doing those few things that you know can be done better.  Often the smallest improvements can make all of the difference.

6. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
... or letting others judge you.  Most people on one journey or another believe that everyone else who came before them had it easier.  We tend to be creatures of self pity.  This is the real reason not to compare yourself to others, because you almost always do it to feel bad for yourself.  Being successful at something is tough.  If it wasn't, everyone would do it!

5. Set Realistic Goals
Whether it's pounds per week or units sold or dollars per year, set realistic expectations but shoot for the stars.  Gracious achieving is a far better platform than falling short and being greedy.  Achievability and excitement also make a better launch pad for your next level of improvements.

4. Start Before You Are Ready
There is never enough time and you are never going to be ready.  If you are looking at a competitor and think you cannot pull the trigger until you can be as good or as big (or whatever) as them, you'll never pull the trigger.  Everything is a work in progress and chances are you didn't hear about those you aspire to achieve like until they were years in with hundreds of mistakes made and many lessons learned.

3. Live Post Tragedy
There is one thing that most humans don't realize.  You have 1 life to live.  People who have beat a terminal cancer or have lost a family member too early usually have a unique quality of urgency in their life and an appreciation for every opportunity.  Why is it going to take something directly tragic to you to make you see that what you have to offer the world is worth it? Live like tomorrow may never come.

2.  Always Find An Evolution In Every Obstacle
Most successful people make it look so easy.  It's NOT EASY!  It's the way you look at it.  People often say that in order to be successful, you have to fail over and over again.  I say that is sort of a half truth.  Successful people don't really fail.  They do things the wrong way, and then they find the proper lessons, learn the means of evolving, and take a new path.  Stay Positive and Open Minded!

Success takes time (in every way).  Most entrepreneurs try to do too much at once and they try to change too much too fast because they actually lack the discipline to stay true to their model until the world finally takes notice (or people trying to lose weight think it should happen in one month, or they go too hard too fast and get injured and think their body is just no longer capable of being fit and healthy).  Stay Focused.

Written by Thomas Ascough