Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 Steps to a Less Sedentary Lifestyle (EASY SOLUTIONS)

5 Ways To A Less Sedentary Lifestyle

"Physical fitness" is often an intimidating phrase for the best of people.  They often define age or their current state as reasons why they cannot make a fitness journey.  Here are 5 things that we have heard, seen, or thought of to get you ready for the next step.  

1. Make a mind shift for yourself when you are looking for a parking spot at a mall, restaurant, sporting event etc.  The furthest spot is now the best spot.  Give yourself a little more of a walk.  While you walk, walk intentionally.  Focus on longer strides, move your arms, stand up straight.

2. If you still watch your tv shows live, make a list of simple exercises to do during the entire commercial break.  This eliminates the notion that the tv is for lazy people.  Think planks, push-ups, squats, high knees, lunges. 

3. Dr. Len Kravitz spoke at SCW MANIA in LA and came up with an idea to sit twice every time.  People might think you are a weirdo, but if you sit, stand, and then sit for a second time, his studies found that you will do 10,000 extra squats per year.  Women with nice butts say they get them from doing squats.

4. Business people tend to be busier than most and have less time, although 90% of top level executives stay physically fit and wake up early enough each day to get a workout in.  If this is not you, here is a way to start getting to that point.  Have meetings with colleagues "walking" rather than "sitting."  What's the difference in most cases if you are walking in a park or sitting at a coffee shop or table?  Just movement. 

5. People are addicted to their phones.  Let your phone be the reason you do something with exercise.  Start something simple, where every time you look at your phone, you do 2 high knees, or you take 20 steps, or you sit in an L sit at your desk.  

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