Thursday, January 30, 2014



You may really enjoy running or biking everyday or taking your favorite step or Zumba class three times per week every week, and that's fabulous because you are in the minority that exercises on a daily basis as a part of your lifestyle. However, it is truly important to add variation into your life, in every aspect, and I'll explain why.

You may also be on a new health kick with the New Year just behind us and you have committed yourself (and taken your family along for the ride) to eating grilled chicken, brown rice, and steamed broccoli/spinach every night for dinner…for NOW. How long could that possibly last…maybe a couple weeks or a month, before you or someone in your family breaks down and demands something different??? You may hear your husband or your son finally say, "I just can't stand eating the same exact meal for dinner day after day!"

You may be asking yourself, "These seem like two great scenarios of people trying to stay healthy and fit. What's the problem here?" The problem is…your body takes approximately two to four weeks to adjust to something new, whether it's a new fitness program, a fresh, organic diet, changing your daily routine and waking up earlier for whatever reason, changing jobs, etc. During this time period of adjustment, you are most likely experiencing two different feelings…you're super pumped because you are starting something fresh and new, you're losing weight, noticing a difference in how your clothes fit, etc. but you may also be struggling with this new change (waking up two hours earlier than you're used to, getting your body accustomed to a challenging workout you've never done before, having cravings for your soda and sugary foods that you're giving up). Whatever it is, you will get to the point where your body has adjusted, especially in the fitness aspect, and you hit a PLATEAU, or you simply get bored with grilled chicken and broccoli, for example. It's time for a change OR never let yourself get into a rhythm!


VARIETY IS KEY! If you continuously workout using a variety of disciplines and you eat all different types of food, prepared many different ways, you will never get to the point of failure, or wanting to stop whatever new venture you started and were excited about at one point. Always change things up, in all aspects of your life, to continue excitement, satisfaction, and, most importantly, the willingness to remain in this new healthy you.






For example, say you have a habitual personality and you just love your treadmill. You go to the gym at the same time everyday; you get yourself on the treadmill, and you run/walk for the same amount of time (possibly one hour)! You think that you are doing a great thing because you are exercising for one hour five days a week (and you are to some extent). For one thing, you are burning a good amount of calories and keeping your heart healthy by staying active. However, a year later following this repetitive system, you notice ZERO change in your physique. You think to yourself, if you waited that long to notice and wonder, "How can that be that my body looks the same a year later?" Well, here it is…your body is so used to running or jogging or walking at the same pace at the same time for the same duration that there is no reactional response. On top of that, your joints are shot and need a break! Get yourself involved in a wide variety of fitness classes, types of workouts, less impact cardio to reduce this monotony and impact on your knees and ankles.


The most efficient way to burn calories and make the most of your time at the gym is to use interval training. The idea of taking your heart rate up and down, in and out of your fat burning zone, by using quick, high-intense exercises such as plyometrics, to get your heart rate up into your anaerobic zone, is the best way to workout…if you want results! You will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time by training this way. For example, instead of jogging at a slow, steady pace for an hour, try something different like jogging for 3 minutes and sprinting for 30 seconds for a total of 15 - 20 minutes.



TRX is an awesome program that uses long bands that are anchored to the ceiling for a full-body resistance workout. Various options like TRX Cardio or TRX Body offer a different dynamic for the class depending on what you want to get out of your workout.

PILOXING, a fun blend of pilates, boxing, and dance offers a great way to get yourself moving and utilize your core in all the right ways. It's exciting, energetic, and probably very different than what your body is used to.

BODY SHRED, Jillian Michael's 3-2-1 concept, incorporates strength training, cardio intervals, and core-driven exercises to challenge you in a well-balanced workout!

PLYOGA gives you the ability to use active recovery in the form of Yoga & Core Intervals to barrel through a range of high intensity Plyometric movements.  No two classes are ever the same. 

These are just a few suggestions for ways to change up your workout and keep your body guessing! That's what it's all about…if you want results! Why not make the best use of your time at the gym? Workout for a shorter amount of time and gain dramatic results!






As with exercise, it's also very important to add variety to your plate! The more colorful your plate, the better! The deeper the color, the more dense the nutrients! Even though you're taking on a new healthy lifestyle, contrary to what many people think, eating healthy can be tasty! Every vegetable has its vitamin or nutrient that it's most known for, so opening up your palate to all veggies can really do you good in more ways than one. Here are just a few examples of the health benefits offered:

*BROCCOLI: contains high levels of fiber (both soluble and insoluble) and is a rich source of Vitamin C

*SWEET POTATOES: known to raise our blood levels in Vitamin A and is one of nature's unsurpassed sources of beta-carotene

*KALE: "queen of greens", "nutritional powerhouse", including high levels of iron, Vitamin K, A, C, Calcium, antioxidants

*CARROTS: rich in Vitamin A, as well as many of the other essential vitamins, and known to help reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease risks



There's no reason to get bored in your quest for a healthy lifestyle. There are so many great and easy recipes out there that involve healthy, natural foods while giving our bodies so many amazing health benefits. I personally get excited about trying new recipes when I'm not sure what to make for dinner, and most of the time, they come out delicious! Tosca Reno in The Eat Clean Diet is just one well-reputable author in this field, along with numerous others. Think outside the box and try something new! Your family will thank you, as well as your insides!




Sunday, January 12, 2014


Easy Ways to Eat Healthier Without Sacrifice

This is certainly the time of the year where many people are coming to me to find ways to improve their fitness level and regain what they once had.  Whether they are looking for an avenue to weight loss, energy, health, diet, or alertness, being active will give that to you.  The hurdle is that there is no way to truly hit your physical goals without a plan for what you eat.  It is not the forte of a personal trainer to give you nutritional advice, so I will instead give you subtle substitutions that will better your diet and have very little effect in the way of the psychological challenges that a new diet can give you.

Changing the way you eat can be difficult.  There are things that some of my clients eat and love that just will not get them where they want to be physically and they have to give it up.  Rather than taking things away from you, I'm here to tell you what I would add. 


In every major food store, there is an aisle to buy these various additions to your food that will deliver variables of priceless quality to your meals.  Some simply put suggestions: Chia Seed, Pignola Nuts, Flax, Wheat Germ.  Getting these items ground up already is the best way to buy them.  Sprinkle them on everything from meatballs and pasta dinners to cereal and eggs.  You are much better off in life incorporating these sources of Omega 3, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, fibers and more.  Nothing to lose in the way of taste and everything to gain in the way of nutrition.


* Very Easy
***Slight adjustment
**** Takes some getting used to 

You can easily super-start your quest to healthiness by making moderate changes that will enhance your lifestyle and will pose very little of a challenge to you in the way of accepting these changes.

*BROWN RICE: Brown rice actually has more of a flavor and is far better for you than white rice.  No one should be eating white rice anymore.  

*WHEAT PASTA: A lot of trainers will advise against pasta as a form of carbohydrates, but I know that most people will not abandon pasta.  I eat pasta and I have a 6 pack.  Wheat pasta is a simple, more nutritious, and better tasting outlet than regular white pasta. 

*WHEAT & WHOLE GRAIN BREAD: White bread is cute.  Maybe it brings back memories of your grandparents or something.  If you eat white bread now that there are 30 variations of excellent and wholesome wheat and grain breads out there that actually taste better, I don't know what to tell you.  Do you still insulate with asbestos and paint your walls with lead based paint? J/k 
**PEANUT BUTTER: This is staple of the American lifestyle.  Easy change is getting natural peanut butter.  Jiffy & Skippy and whatever else are loaded with sugar additives and chemicals.  We use Smart Balance.  Easy Change

***AVOCADO: You can whisk up some avocado or just spread it on your sandwich as a dressing or a mayo substitute.  I think it is delicious and it is a very rich source of many health friendly qualities.

*ORGANIC: If you buy nothing else that is organic, buy organic root vegetables like potatoes and carrots.  Anything that grows underground in today's corrupt soil environment on a non-organic farm would be better to avoid than eat.  You get more issues in your food than value when they grow underground on a farm that uses pesticides.  Take my advice, or learn about it in 10 years from the FDA when someone finds a way to make money scorning these vegetables and it is worth telling you.

****ALMOND MILK: We are the only beings on earth that drink the milk of other animals.  So lets say that this is not weird.  Nutritionists are always talking about limiting dairy.  One great way to do it is to try almond milk in your cereal and any recipe that calls for milk.  This is the most challenging transition in this post to go for, but it is still not that hard.  I prefer almond milk over regular milk.  Give it a shot.  It has more calcium and far less sugar than milk and the taste is just slightly different.  We like Blue Diamond if you wanted a recommendation.