Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Exercising Your Mind FOR SUCCESS
People often ask me, “What do you do when you come across people who don’t believe that they can come and work out and do plyoga because they are too old, too big, too limited, too tired?”
The answer is simple.  I remind them that these reasons are the chains that have held them back from being the best that they can be.  It’s tough because excuses are relatable.  People tend to find others who will validate their concerns and share in their concept, enabling their fear or obstruction to now become sensible. 
We all give ourselves a lot of credit when we become adults.  We believe that we no longer have the shortcomings that we once had as a teenager, and we are all way too dignified now to have the blatant insecurities that are all so prevalent during adolescents.
As a young person, someone may be shy or broke or overweight, but now as an adult, that person has reassuringly entitled them self as a lower middle class introvert and figures they probably have a “thyroid Disorder” because “Joe down the street eats McDonalds all the time too and he isn’t obese like me.”  
Reality is that high school never ends.  As empowering as an excuse might be, you are still that person with an inert desire to change and be better, but you are sheltered by your reasons.  Choose to be successful.  Embrace the fact that it is going to be tough and require sacrifice.  When it gets tough and you want to crawl back to yourself (whether physically, mentally, or financially), remaining strong, resolute, and Disciplined will save the day.
radiating positivity and keeping your focus on the doorstep of your limits will ease your journey.
THere is nothing more addicting and gratifying than helping someone realize how strong and how powerful they truly are.  You have the ability to be healthier, to reach further, to pave a new reality.  You have the work ethic engrained in you to take an idea and embrace it so strongly that you can make an empire from nothing.  Live outside of yourself and captivate a new mood.  That which you envision for your self can be achieved.