Monday, August 11, 2014

The Profound Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Many years ago, I heard someone speaking about how they were highly offended when a personal trainer who I know proclaimed to them that, “If you get disciplined and train with me, I will assure you that you will become physically better, mentally better, become a better wife, a better mother, a gracious friend, and an overall more satisfied person.”  They thought that this trainer just had such nerve as to assume such a specific and personal transition.  I thought this prospective client had a point.

As I reflect back on overhearing this woman tell this story many years ago, the position I have has changed.  That was a bold reflection of reality to paint for another person, but as a person now dedicated to understanding the sciences and integration of fitness, I know that this trainer was absolutely right.  Your body is a phenomenal work of art.  It provides itself a system of alarms and defenses that enable you survival when conditions are not optimal.  These defenses, that many people live within regularly are not particularly good, but they beat being dead. 

We are a culture with exceptional obstacles.  We are too busy to eat healthy, while our environmental conditions have bankrupted the nutrition in even that which we consider healthy.  There is such a demand in technology that we have become more sedentary than ever, disabling ourselves from the movement and energy creation that we need to start our journey toward being more active and fit.  Often we need that extra push, that teammate, that trainer, that workout buddy, that likeminded, goal oriented individual to get us there.
That teammate can miss practice when you need it the most.  That workout buddy might be staying late on Thursday to finish up a deposition.  Your counterpart might have PTA tonight.  Your personal trainer depends on you for their livelihood and there is where you have found a mutual companion.  They will show up because it is their job and you will show up because you are paying them.  You need each other to flourish and to live better. 

The science of it all takes hold when you make a commitment to fitness or hire someone to force you to when you do not want to.  Exercise lowers your cortisol levels, increases your metabolism, secretes various chemicals in your brain that make you happier, supports and enables dense and strong bones, gives you better circulation and cardiovascular health, and enables your body to naturally trigger greater energy levels.  Exercise helps you wake up earlier regularly and make that commitment to a healthy life. 
People who are happier, radiating energy, losing weight, standing up taller, breathing deeper, and walking stronger are people with greater self-worth and self-esteem.  People with greater self-worth and greater self-esteem believe in themselves and believe in others.  They are encouraging, they enjoy better clarity, reach further, relish in more success, are more extroverted, more loving, and enjoy their body. 

Did you know that over 90% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are not overweight and are generally health conscious people?  In short, this trainer that I referenced in the beginning was absolutely correct.  If she can keep you be dedicated to working out regularly and getting ample results, you will be a better person in every aspect of life because of it.  When someone achieves physical results that they otherwise once thought were impossible, it opens their mind to the possibilities that are out there for them professionally, mentally, and emotionally. 

Nourish your body, because “Your Body is Power.”