Tuesday, July 28, 2015


How I Keep My Body Ready For Tomorrow

The struggle is real.  There are a lot of different scenarios of people out there in fitness who are always looking for the best way to keep their bodies in symmetry and flowing into the next day on demand.  Maybe you are on a new fitness journey, maybe you are an intense athlete who doesn't like to slow down, or maybe you are a fitness professional whereas leading by example leaves you tired and in need.  Truthfully this is why we created PLYOGA.  It enables the participant to get the intensity and interval training that they crave with the balance, endurance, and flexibility training that they need in active recovery.  You need to try it and check out www.PLYOGAFitness.com.  Here are the other secret weapons I use on the regular in addition to our fitness perfection! 

Teeter makes this little piece of gorgeousness.  Think about it like this.  Your legs and your spine are constantly being pushed down by gravity.  You have gotten so used to the constant flow of strong energy through the lower half of your body that you often don't even feel the swelling and need for attention that you have.  The moment you go upside down for even 10 seconds, you will immediately realize why you need to do this all of the time!  It rocks.  It will change your life!

Foam Rollers are like a masseuse at your side after all of your workouts making you cry!  Deep tissue massages at their finest (and free once you buy one of these guys).  Find that nagging muscle and knot and center on it.  It sucks, but it's lovely!


Like the Foam Roller, these crazy gizmo's are a form of myofascial release that targets your muscle issues for you.  The thing that I love about these is that they can intensely target smaller areas of the body like the side of the neck or the bottom of your feet, or that hard to reach valley in your back.  This gets it.  The pain can run but it cannot hide.  There are doctors who literally travel the world (I got mine from Dr. Michael Cohen at a CanFitPro show in Canada) teaching people proper use for these tools, so tap into knowledge before you hurt yourself worse.  It's not rocket science, but do a little learning.


In addition to taking matters into my own hands, there are those spots that require a professional from time to time.  I love active release therapy.  It is usually teamed up with knowledgeable and forward thinking Chiropractors.  Active Release tends to feature the same principles of myofascial release but it leaves the chore in the hands of person who will get to the root of the issue when you don't have the will sometimes. 


Let me see you do that YOGA! PLYOGA rocks and will make your body feel better than ever during athletic training, but slowing down for a full Yoga class at least 1 day per week is something that I do religiously... because it's a cult.. (NO ITS NOT! I'M JOKING!)  Yoga is the essential way to get your body flowing at its best.  Think about it.  It is indigenous in humans.  
You are a muscle car.  The muscle car is killing it on the roads and standing out and turning heads and winning like crazy.  If you don't get that car into slow motion and in the garage for it's proper conditioning, it won't last long.  You are a machine!  Treat yourself like it.  DO YOGA!


**These are my educated opinions that work.  I am not a doctor and you better make sure that you can be using these tactics and pieces of equipment.