Monday, August 10, 2015

5 Steps To Transform Your Environment & Then, Your Reality

Steps to Transform Your Environment & Then, Your Reality

PLYOGA Fitness declared months back that contrary to popular belief, fitness and wellness are 90% mental, 8% nutrition, and 2% exercise.  What we did though was leave that mental process and all of it's variables to chance.  Today we are going to give you 5 steps to make this mental journey and control your life in every way including your physical and professional vision.

1. Share Your Journey With Others

When you have made a decision to lose weight, eat healthy, start a business, or find friends who bring happiness to your life, you need to let others know you are doing this and invite others to be part of what you are doing.  If you are only accountable to you, chances are you are going to cut yourself some slack.  If you get a workout buddy, or someone to cut dairy and fried foods with, or someone to share your professional vision, you have actually just made your life easier. 

2. Ask The Right Questions, Rather Than Seeking Answers

Is that the same thing?  Put simply, no.  Answers to your questions that you are asking yourself and those around you might be less relevant than the answers to the questions you should be asking instead.  How do you make that transition to arming yourself with the right knowledge?  It's like practicing smiling at people every day, and then it becomes a habit.  Ask the right people about themselves.  When you learn what makes winners tick, you apply their knowledge and understand their motivations, and then these motivations and pieces of knowledge empower you to do the same.  

3. Understand That Most People Won't Support Your Path

You go to a party and people endlessly joke that you are too good to eat their chips or that you need to just let yourself eat cake at this party and ice cream tomorrow at the boardwalk.  They give you a hard time because you don't want sweet tea, but would prefer water.  Switching gears to professional things, they believe health products don't work or that your idea to open a business in town will not work because there was one here once and they failed.  90% of business people or people on a health journey fail because people do not support them.  You have to realize from the jump the magnitude of how much you are worth it.  95% of people will tell you that you can't or think you are crazy for giving up soda.  Live on the 5% who believe you can.  3% of America is rich.  There is a reason for that.  A very small percentage of people can be discouraged endlessly and keep pushing forward.  

4. Fake It Until You Make It

This might seem like crazy advice to achieving your fitness or business goals, often teased about and highlighted as simply stupid.  Let me tell you why it works.  Most people fail at things because they do not believe they can do it.  Similar to making a point to hold doors for other or smile at people when you walk by, acting like a star and radiating positive energy will make others want to be around you and take part in your journey.  It's contagious.  Acting positive and giving up complaining becomes a habit.  When you feel like an influencer, you act like an influencer.  Often, being a success is something that you have to convince yourself of before you can convince others.  On a nutrition journey, if you tell yourself you love clean food, your tastebuds will adapt with your mind.  Think about it. When you were a kid, broccoli was gross and now you order it as a side.  It started with you reasoning with yourself about the benefits.  The one thing I will tell you is that if you apply this principle business, you better be able to walk the talk when you arrive.  

5. Interact with Winners

If you are lucky like me, you have reached the point where you have successfully unfollowed all of the losers in your life that bring you down on social media.  My social media accounts are now full of people who rock or want to rock.  Here is the catch though.  SOCIAL MEDIA is not everything.  In fact, so many people think they are going to kill it in business by being a social media maven.  You can make considerable strides and some people do change their lives through the internet, but the human touch is invigorating and so much more powerful.  Be around others.  Interact with others.  Take interest in others and share with them.  If you want to do something, go find others who have done it.  If you don't know where to start but know your way around every street on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, utilize your comfort zone in a new way.  Join Linkedin.  Join a group of forward thinking people on a similar journey.  Read a book.  The most important thing about spending time with and studying winners is that although their journey to the top of health or business or relationship seemed effortless, you quickly learn about the mountain they endured to be great! 

Thomas Ascough
Operations Manager
PLYOGA Fitness